[Dynagroove] Soul-Titanium Birthday Celebration! - 12/9

Ben Annand mrannand at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 15:40:58 PST 2004

$8 presale tickets for Tropical will be available tonight at Soul Titanium 
as well.  Free promo CD with ticket purchase tonight, hot off the press!

In other words, $10 gets you a ticket for Tropical Saturday (and allows you 
to skip the map point), a CD and 2 beers.  WOTTA DEAL!


>From: Soul-Titanium Collective <soultitanium at yahoo.com>
>To: dynagroove at dynagroove.com
>Subject: [Dynagroove] Soul-Titanium Birthday Celebration! - 12/9
>Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 13:25:54 -0800 (PST)
>Soul-Titanium Birthday Celebration! - 12/9
>Come and celebrate the December birthdays of Julie, Dean: B Wash,
>Bryan, Caroline, Bernie, and many more.  As we dance and groove the
>night away with the Soul Titanium masters of the mix m-soul and Darwin
>You know the grooves that Mike and Darwin can pump out and maybe some
>of you have heard Frido and Trek break down the mixes.  But this night
>will be a true journey in how to make your ass groove with your feet
>(10-11PM) DJ Trek hailing from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta has
>some wicked grooves that have yet to grace most of your ears.  After
>you hear them though you will wonder what can make your body shake
>That would be Mike or m-soul (11pm-12am) who will start where DJ Trek
>launched and separate the module from the thrust rocket.  Lifting you
>into orbit and taking you along for the ride of a lifetime.  Feeling
>the groove and making you move is m-souls game.  Ever feel that need to
>move?  Well that's Mike playing with your dancing strings.  Once you
>pop you can't stop though!
>Visiting our spaceship next is German minister DJ Frido (12-1am); this
>funky monkey will force you to realize what your ears are telling you.
>Get a drink and dance like a fool!  Your brain will pulsate and your
>body will be feeling right like the night around you.  After his trip
>to Taiwan the Frido has some sick beats to funk you up right!
>Bringing us back from our journey is Darwin Paul (1-2am) bringing our
>souls back from Jupiter with his grace and style that can only be his.
>What you thought you could stop?  Get real you may be feeling a little
>different but this is the Soul Titanium and you don't stop dancing till
>the fat lady chorus sings fool!   The Slick Rick you will be feeling is
>not to be held back, get your friends, your girl, or your guy and
>groove right yo!
>So do you think you can miss this night?  Do you think you can just
>skip out and not join us in celebration of all of our birthdays?  Make
>it a one stop and show some love this is one night that will be talked
>about for years!
>FI2 is Located at:
>6400 East Pacific Coast Highway
>Long Beach
>Entrance through the Seaport Marina Hotel Lobby
>As Jimmy Eat World has said "...our time is borrowed and spent to
>freely, every minute I have needs to be made up..." I'm making up some
>of those Dec 9th... are you??????
>ST :: 10:00p-2a, 21+, $1 Drafts, FREE!
>fi2 - 6400 East Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach
>Entrance through the Seaport Marina Hotel lobby
>Free parking all night
>For more info and directions visit:
>Please support the Soul-Titanium Collective and forward this flyer to
>any friends, mailing lists, and posting boards.
>to find out more information about the Soul-Titanium
>Collective, please visit:
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