[Groop]Q for ME

Mark Evanier me@evanier.com
Tue, 08 Aug 2000 01:09:46 -0700

On Mon, 07 Aug 2000 21:49:29 -0700, Ruben Arellano <ruben@oanet.com>

>At the Cartoon Voices panel at the Comic Con International, some
>references were made to the differences between voice work in Canada and
>the US.  Specifically, I think Mark said that he would never do a
>cartoon in Canada because the actors are non-unionized.  Someone also
>mentioned that attempts were being made to unionize the voice actors,
>but that it was slow going.  Mark, can you expand a bit on this
>situation?  You seemed to be pretty heartfelt about this topic....

ME: No, there are union voice actors in Canada.  But most of the good
ones either move to the U.S. or are so booked-solid that they aren't
available.  As a result, most voice tracks recorded in Canada are

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