[Groop]Supes/Bugs [& one for you Glorko]

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Fri, 11 Aug 2000 23:12:03 -0700

> > [Eric was Moofon, the high
> > priest of the Full-Tilt Apostolic Disco Tabernacle (not to be confused
> > the Church of the Second Coming of the High Prophet Zarquon, which as we
> > all know, is merely a fictional church.) This explains alot about Eric's
> > behavior, although not all. His full title was High Priest, Pastor,
> > and Notary.

He was also the janitor, not to mention Head SchoolMaster, and he would wrap
our knuckles with a ruler everytime we cussed, a practice he picked up from
Nuns during an intergalactic teacher exchange program.  And what he did if
you said "Disco Sucks!" was really terrible, which is why I type with just
two fingers.  -Gary G.  (Slavishly loyal minion of Glorko and the Greater
Zoltronian Empire, such as it is.)