[Groop]Uncle Jam International.

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Hi Ruben!

Thanks for the info!  The Groo drawing is from that cool two-page ad that
appeared in StarSlayer #4 and Captain Victory #6 in August & Seoptember,
respectively.  So it doesn't make the Groo List BUT, It sure is a WAY COOL
item!!!   How did you find out about it?  Any channce you have a lead on how
I could track one down?  I would love to find one.  Take care -Gary G.

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> I finally got a copy of Uncle Jam International #61 (Oct 1982, Fragments
> West).  What's so special about this particular issue of the free
> ''alternative'' newspaper from Long Beach, CA?  Sergio did the cover,
> and it was the first Aragones item that Tom Luth did the colors for.  If
> you're interested in seeing it, let me know and I'll e-mail it to ya'.
> For Gary, there is no Groo on the cover (just a guy carrying a bunch of
> Groo-type swords).  However, inside there is an advertisement for a
> comic shop with Groo and Cerebus.  I'm not sure if the Groo is original
> or not, so I'll e-mail you a scan of it.  In any case, it is a cool
> old-school Groo drawing.
> Have a good morning,
> Ruben.
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