[Groop]LE Groo Hardback book

Ralph Plowman were.ralph@virgin.net
Sat, 2 Dec 2000 18:33:12 -0000

I ordered this from my comic shop and paid in full.
They still can't tell me when it's coming in, but I only paid when they
phoned and told me the price and that I'd need to pay at least a deposit to
reserve a copy as it's very limited.
I trust them, I'll wait.
And it means when it turns up, I won't have to pay, so it'll seem free!


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From: Finn Smith <mulch3@hotmail.com>
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Date: 01 December 2000 23:32
Subject: [Groop]LE Groo Hardback book

>Has anyone else ordered the Limited Edition Groo Book that Mark spoke of
>recently?  Graphitti is giving me the jerk-around.  I ordered it in October
>and they told me  it would ship in November.  I know that most Groo items
>come out later than expected (After all, it IS Groo . . .) but I thought it
>odd that Graphitti immediately charged my credit card $70.00 but never made
>any attempt to inform me of a delay.  When I called, the salesperson said
>she didn't know when (or if) it was ever coming out and that the immediate
>charge was necessary to "reserve my copy."
>It has been my experience that a store doesn't charge your account until
>item ships.
>I hope she has the great luck to someday accidentally insult Groo . . .