[Groop]Interesting item on eBay web site item#524015382: GROO Issues 1 and 2! RARE! RARE! RARE!

Shane Clarke sac@foolarchy.com
Tue, 12 Dec 2000 13:35:08 -0800

Hahahahaha.... oh ya.... just 'slighty' overpriced, huh!

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GROO Issues 1 and 2! RARE! RARE! RARE!

Whoa!  Do I feel good for spending the measly $7.00 for both.  And that was
only 3 years ago!  Not to mention the Pacific comics.....

Seriously, thanks for the laugh you guys.  I needed that!

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<< Hahahahahaha.... ya right. This person needs to lay off those bad drugs!


Title of item:  GROO Issues 1 and 2!  RARE! RARE! RARE!
Seller: timelady@excite.co.uk
Starts: Dec-10-00 19:57:14 PST
Ends:   Dec-15-00 19:57:14 PST
Price:  Starts at $75.00
To bid on the item, go to:

Item Description:
    Sergio Aragone's Groo - ISSUES ONE AND TWO!!!

Rare first issues of Groo from March and April 1985, from Epic Comics.
Excellent near-mint condition! (They look mint to me, but best to err
Please check my other auctions for more comics, too!
Buyer pays actual shipping costs. Cheques, money orders/bankers drafts only,
in US$ or GBP. Cheques will be cleared before sending.  I also accept
cards through PayPal!
On Dec-11-00 at 03:52:34 PST, seller added the following information:
I accept US & International bidders & payment with a  major credit card via
BidPay. Fast, easy & secure.www.BidPay.com
On Dec-11-00 at 21:22:07 PST, seller added the following information:
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solutions, AuctionWatch.com

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