[Groop]Aragones name

Daniel CortÚs danicortes@bsab.com
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 20:29:40 +0000

Hi all,
Well, Azamin, actually the name of the region in Spain is Aragon, while
Aragones is the name given of their inhabitants. Aragones is a quite
common name in Spain, but it was not the name of the Spanish king. He
was king Ferdinand V of Aragon (as Aragon was a kingdom in those times),
Ferdinand II of Spain or Ferdinand the Catholic. The name of his wife
was Isabella of Castille (another former kingdom) or Isabelle the
Catholic. With their marriage, Spain was created and the world entered
the modern age. After that, many Aragones people went to America,
including the parents of Sergio (who, contradicting their name, were not
from Aragon but from Castille).
This is a simplificated history of Spain from the Catholic kings to the
coming of Sergio.
If all this makes any sense to you, it means you should read the message

>From Barcelona, former kingdom of Aragon-Catalonia

Azamin ventured:
> If i'm not Err, there is a place in Spain name Aragones.  One of the famous
> name from Aragones I think is, Ferdinand of Aragones..... Isabelle of
> Spain's husband.  Maybe Sergio's ancestors too came from Aragones, some sort
> of De Aragones (of Aragones) names....
> Btw, when I made a search on Aragones, there is a castle in Napoli, Italy
> name Baia Castle which was built in 1495 during Aragonese rule.
> http://www.cib.na.cnr.it/Castellodibaia/castle.html