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Hey.. Did I ever mention I got my Groo Sketch card out of a pack, also? Huh,
Gary, huh? Actually... I think I did... Yes, I remember now. It wasn't even
a full box, more like 7 or 8 packs... and lo and behold, there it was! = )
But, I don't want to bore Gary with the story he's heard before! I could
scan it for you Gary... you can make a color print of it and then keep it
next to your *almost complete* collection of Groo cards! (smile)

(Okay... I'll stop jabbing Gary with my elbow... otherwise he won't be nice
to me anymore.)

Your day will come Gary.


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Okay, I'll try and BRIEFLY explain THE BALLAD OF GARY
AND THE GROO SKETCH CARDS (accompanied by Unirabbit on
the mandolin. Unfortunately, Unirabbit doesn't PLAY
the mandolin, so you guys will just have to tolerate
the god awful background noise...)

Gary Grossmann, aka Dessesbo, has made it his lifelong
ambition to own EVERYTHING Groo. From copies of Groo
printed in Europe, South America and Malaysia, to rare
Groo appearances, I'm pretty sure Gary owns nearly as
many and perhaps more unique Groos as even Mark or
Sergio do.

I seriously doubt there's a Groo collection outside of
the Groo creators themselves as nearly complete as

However, the Holy Grail of Groo collecting has neatly
(sometimes actively) managed to evade Dessesbo's

Gary has SEEN Groo sketch cards, even handled them,
but doesn't OWN one.

(I know you see it coming folks)

What makes this all the more painful is the one he
could have owned, but passed on, sort of.

A total of 50 Groo hand-sketched cards were randomly
placed in packs of Groo trading cards, meaning you
could get one less often than you can find a needle in
a haystack wearing boxing gloves. In a snowstorm. At

(Here it comes...)

During the 2000 San Diego Comic Con, Sergio had a few
boxes of Groo cards for sale. Dessesbo tried to
control his lust for Groo-stuff (for once) and put off
buying a box, but had pretty much decided to buy one
of the last 2 boxes when he returned to Sergio's
table, (I surmise, correct me if I'm wrong. Gary) when
a very nice young couple got there before him, bought
a box and started opening packs right there at
Sergio's table!

Enter the Groo sketch card; even Sergio had never
before witnessed one actually being pulled from a

It was enough to make Our Man Grossmann cry like
Captain Ahax when he arrived moments later!

Oh, he tried to buy or barter for the sketch card, but
to no avail.

So, Nick, although Gary doesn't REALLY hate you, he

(I know, I know, I said I'd keep it short. Well, this
is short for me!)

--- Gary Grossmann <grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:
> Hi Nick!
> I l-l-loved your page about the Groo Original
> S-s-s-ketch c-c-c-cards....ARGGHH!!!!!!!
> I can't take it anymore!  Go ahead Nick!  Just rip
> my guts out!!!!  Oh, the pain!!!!  I can't even
> bring myself to explain it to you.  Someone else
> will have to.  I'm going to find a secluded corner
> and cry into my $700,000 Groo Dish towel for an hour
> or two.  sob sob sniffle sniffle.....    -Gary "no
> sketch card" Grossmann
> PS  Nick, I hate you.
> PPS  Shane, I can hear you laughing and I hate you
> too.
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>   Hi all,
>   please check out my (very not complete) new Groo
> webpage!
>   I wont say much about it, but if you can help,
> then PLEASE DO!!
>   Cheers
>   Nick
>   http://www.users.bigpond.com/nick_smith/

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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