[Groop]Groo Christmas

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 21:46:36 -0800

Rambling semi-coherent message alert!!!!!!

(apologies to Elvis)

"I'l-l ha-ave a Grooooo Christmas, without you.
I'll be so Grooooo ju-ust thinking, a-about you.
You'll be doing alright, with your sketch card so bright,
But I'll have a Groo, Groo, Groo Christmas".

> hmmmmm....then I guess I shouldn't mention the one I got a few years
> back for 20 bucks. -John Sefchick

(Psst!  John, wanna sell it for $25.  Big fat $5 profit; 25%! Can't beat
that! Whohoo!)

> However, the Holy Grail of Groo collecting has neatly
> (sometimes actively) managed to evade Dessesbo's
> clutches!

Larry, I guess to a "normal", and I use the term loosely, Groo collector,
the Sketch Card would be the Holy Grail of Groo items because it is the
rarest of actual collectable Groo items.  HOWEVER, to the trooly demented
Groo collector, such as moi, the Holy Grail, Lost Ark, and Captain Mystery
Secret Decoder Ring all rolled into one of Groo items is a real live copy of
the May, 1977 edition of SCENE Magazine!!!!   Easy to see a picture of,
IMPOSSIBLE (so far) to find.  (for those of you who don't know, this little
gem contains the first published drawings of Groo!  On the cover, no less!)
Two copies exist that I know of.  Sergio has one and the publisher has the
other.  But I WILL find one.  I will I will I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (deep
breaths, Gary, deep breaths.)

On the brighter side, Groo and Sergio are everywhere!!!!!!!!    Groo is in
TWO (2) places in MAD #401.  And this week's CBG has a special Tip of the
Hat to Sergio, with an interview and also Mark's column about the coolest
artist on the planet.  (I haven't had a chance to read them yet, partly
because I picked up #2 son from college today and also because Rand is about
to go after Rahvin)  AND, I received from my wonderful friend Rene latest
Spanish Groos  AND Volker mailed off the latest German Groo AND finally, I
finally got a copy of Comicopia #8 from September, 1991 which has a nice
Groo drawing in it.  I've been after this puppy for years!

So a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year year to all you Groopies out
there, EVEN Shane, John, and Mike and the rest of you with Sketch cards.
(Ha!  and Double Ha! Try finding a copy of the Telegraph Wire #12, with a
full color cover of Groo roasting Rudolph while Santa fumes and the other
reindeer cower.)   -Gary G.

PS  There's also a nice little Groo in Space Beaver # 9, Misc! #19, oh, and
don't forget the Dallas Fantasy Fair Preview Program Cover from 1988, and
that kind of lame appearance in Svarta och Papper and .....