[Groop]Re: M.E., a little consideration...I'm a Groo fan

Chris Schechner schechnr@flash.net
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 09:45:46 -0500

That's WONDERFUL! My family would do that, too, except my 82-year old dad
would be at the head of the line. Thanks Ari.


>--->You all say you want some silliness...well, howzabout this little story.
>Family dinner at my parents.  They, my sister and family and me and family
>gathered around the table enjoying a fine repast, when my niece starts
>talking about looney tunes.  I ask them (my niece and her brother)who their
>favorite Looney tunes character is.  Tweety Bird, I'm told, and then asked
>about mine.  I tell them the Mynah Bird.  "Whoooo", they ask.  "The Mynah
>Bird.  Your mom and grandmother love him too."  By this time everybody is
>kinda looking at me askance.  I stand up, and start to do the Mynah March.
>Shortly my mother and sister join in, then my wife and brother-in-law, and
>finally the kids.  All around the dining room and living room we march with
>gleeful enjoyment.  My dad remained at the head of the table wondering "what
>the hell is going on here, and where did it all go wrong?"  Yup, silly.