[Groop]Random Question for Mark

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 22:14:23 -0700

This is not a Groo question, but Mark, I know you were one of the writers
for Love, American Style.  One of the few episodes I sort off remember is
the one where Paul Winchell and (I think) Sheri Lewis played ventriloquists
(imagine that!) who can't communicate properly except by using their dummies
until the end.  Or something like that.  Did you write that one? I always
loved both Winchell & Lewis and a generation later my daughter loved Sheri
too.  Both are sorely missed in the world of children's entertainment.

Oh, and what's the status of the Groo bookends and did the watch fall

Thanks -Gary G.