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> << My dog Minton ate two shuttlecocks yesterday.
>   >>
> Shuttlecocks?
> Sitruc

You know, those weighted balls with plastic "feathers" attached.  They're
used for badminton.  I don't think you should compare Minton to Rufferto,
though; it's an insult to Rufferto, who is (when you think about
it) smarter than his master.  Groo, now, I can imagine eating a

--->Yup.  Say, what is Groo's last name anyway? (*) Why I bet it's Minton.
You guys, I'm sure, have all heard of the sport named after him-Groominton.
Haven't?  Huh?  Well it's pretty much like Badminton only you use swords and
cheesedip (*) instead of rackets (or is that racquets) and shuttlecocks, the
net is made of solid/pressed mulch, and you play it on a boat.  It's a hoot.
It also explains why Groo ate the shuttlecock.
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