[Groop] A new question for M.E.

Shane Clarke sac@foolarchy.com
Mon, 15 May 2000 13:18:43 -0700

>>Though I know nothing of Bill Watterson, I have always enjoyed the Calvin
>>and Hobbes strips. Even more so that I'm not a young kid anymore. (though
>>I'm still a kid... just not a young kid.) The Calvin and Hobbes strips
>>attack a lot of societies stupidities... and I love it.
>Occasionally preachy, occasionally brilliant... almost always 
>funny.  Pound for pound, one of the most visually stunning artists on the 
>funnies page, as Nate said, his colors and inks on Sundays were great.

I might have to get some books on Bill Watterson. I've bought almost 
everything I could find on Gary Larson, and it's proved to be very 
interesting. From the books he's written, he's nothing like I imagined. I 
dare say he's "cranky and mean" also. = )

Also, Gary Larson is super tight on copyright protection. I'm pretty sure 
that there are no Far Side Comics on the net.... legally. Last I checked, 
he did not want the Internet medium to be a distribution for his "children" 
as he calls them. (His artwork.)