[Groop]Short Takes

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 21:31:56 -0800

Well, as cool as that would be (not to mention entirely too surreal), Sergio
& Mark need no input from me or anyone else to create something fabulously
funny about taxes, or any other subject. And as far as taxes go, Sergio told
me he had a nasty run-in with the IRS a number of years ago and Mark told me
his Dad worked for the IRS for 30 years.  This should tell you two things:
1) Not all IRS folks are jack-booted thugs (Mark has run into folks who told
him his Dad was a fair man to deal with and anyway, how could anyone as nice
as Mark have a jack booted thug for a Dad?) and 2) Sergio was not lucky
enough to deal with Mark's Dad.

Take care all, Gary G.  (who is happy just to get a letter printed once
every 13 years)

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> Gary Grossmann wrote:
> > Speaking of taxes, I am really looking forward to the next Groo series
> > tentatively titled "Death & Taxes" I mean, I'm ALWAYS really looking
> > to the next Groo series, but a obviously i have more than a passing
> > in a take off on taxes.
> Did sergio ask something about tax the last time you met him, Gary?  Maybe
> new Groo series is dedicated to you Gary , as a person who have to deal
> Washington Tax and as a Groo fan - who collect Groo from all over the
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