[Groop]Off-Topic Question for Mark

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 12:21:10 -0800


I saw in the CBG that Stan Lee has acquired Conan Properties, Inc.  If I
understand that correctly, he has bought the rights to all things Conan.
TOR Books, through some agreement with Conan Properties, had been publishing
a couple of Conan paperbacks per year by various authors since the
mid-1980's, but suddenly stopped a couple years ago.  My understanding was
that the books were still selling well, but the TOR web site FAQ just gives
a glib answer as to the why they stopped.

So I was wondering, since you are a Stan the Man V.P., do you have any idea
if there are any plans to start up the publication of more Conan paperbacks?

Take care -Gary G.