[Groop]Michael Moore's Crap

Gabriel Owens dweezil33@hotmail.com
Fri, 03 Nov 2000 20:26:15 PST

C'mon Gary.  What has happened EVERY time Groo has been in charge of 
something?  We'll be looking for handouts from Somalia in 3, 4 months tops.

Gabe, though Sergio would DEFINITELY be a good Sec of State.  Maybe their's 
a place for Groo somewhere in the military (you think any country would want 
to bomb our ships again knowing Groo could come in and slay your whole 
Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!
"And Primus said unto them:  Be fruitful, and have multiple transformations. 
  Take this coupon, as it is good at all TRUs."

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