Azamin azamin7@medical-online.net
Wed, 08 Nov 2000 14:05:50 +0800

> Boy, that would be something if the Groop controlled the House & Senate!!!
> Just for a little while.  We certainly couldn't screw it up anymore than the
> guys who are there.  Hey, could I be Speaker of the House?   I'd have a big
> office and I could commission Sergio to do a big Groo Mural on my walls!
> I'd hire Mark to write my speeches and be my press secretary.

Yes, you can be the speaker of the house,  But Sergio is the vice President
(Groo is the president) and Mark is the secretary of state.  That's means you
cannot ask the vice president to do a big Groo Mural on your  walls....  coz,
he's no. 2 and you're no. 3 after president Groo who's no. 1.