[Groop]Election, etc.

Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 22:42:10 -0800

Hi Folks!

Well, heck, I am back from another week or so of tax travels (this time to
Bingen, WA-Oh, Joy!), slavishly following the election, a quick trip down to
California to bask in the reflected glory of one of my brilliant sons, and,
of course, slavishly looking for Groos (while re-reading the Wheel of Time

Uni!  You can't fool us!  You ARE the Queen of Florida, etc..  This election
impasse has your fingerprints all over it!  (Back me up on this one, Larry.)
This is all some sort of twisted revenge on the populace for not recognizing
your true station and majesty.  George and Al are but puppets dancing on
your strings!  But be careful, why do you think Glorko had to rocket out of
Zoltron!  (by the way, how does Mucho Mulch, that great Floridian
institution of rotting vegetable matter, fit into your diabolical plans and
why was one of their trucks here in Washington?)

Glorko, sorry to hear about Mr. DeCamp.  I do not mourn folks who die when
they are 93, especially when they have led full, happy lives.  Although he
was a controversial figure among Conan fans because of what he did or
allowed to be done to Howard's Conan, all agree that Howard's Conan probably
would have never made it into main stream consciousness without his efforts.
And do you know what THAT MEANS, my fellow Groopies?  That means that MAYBE,
Sergio would never have gotten the inspiration for GROO!!!!    Gak!  I
wonder what DeCamp would have said if someone told him he was partially
responsible for Groo?  Maybe that's what killed him.

A Very, VERY strange thing happen to me. I was contacted by a Groo fan who
wants MY autograph.  Her e-mail sounded even crazier than mine do.  Well,
crazier than MOST of mine, anyway.  Also she works for Boeing  and
apparently lives somewhere just an hour or so north of me.  I don't know
what she does there, but you may all want to make sure you are flying an
AirBus or something from now on.  She was hunting for Groos in one of the
comic book shops in the Seattle area I have been going to for years and the
owner asked if she knew me.  Then he showed her the letters page of MTTS #2
and took down her e-mail address and I contacted her to let her know I might
have some of the Groo stuff she is looking for.  My wife says I cannot meet
up with her.  Ever.

I was in LA to see my son be recognized with a bunch of other smart math &
science kids by this organization called ARCS.  Basically, it's a bunch of
very nice rich ladies who raise money for scholarships.  They all remined me
of my mother. (Which may explain why I behaved myself)  The place the awards
luncheon was held is this really posh place called the "California Club" in
downtown LA.  The restroom was bigger than my house.  And better furnished.
I felt kind of out of place.  I mean, there were all these rich folks, all
these smart kids.  And me.

And finally, the people living in my house is down to just me, my wife, my
daughter, and my mother-in-law.  All the various semi-adults, pregnant and
otherwise, chidren, and parolees are living somewhere else.  At least for
now.  I've announced that for thanksgiving dinner we are having MacDonalds
hamburgers leftover from 29-cent Hamburger Wednesday in the hopes that they
will all stay away.  It probably won't work.

Take care all (and stay away from Bingen)  -Gary G.