[Groop]Scanning a complete groo collection.

kelan@mail.earthlink.net kelan@mail.earthlink.net
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 21:45:25 -0500

Ha! - That would be me. I have a complete scan, and them some, of everything and anything Groo. (from the old www.groothewanderer.com website I no longer have up... but will soon enough... if I can find some of that stuff called 'free-time')

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Subject: [Groop]Scanning a complete groo collection.

Hey there, 

I plan on scanning the cover of all my groos and I was hoping mabye someone can help reduce a little time for me. 
Does anyone know of a site or does anyone already have all the groos scanned? I've been going online and grabbing the covers that I can find... I just thought I'd check with the Groop before scanning all the the issues myself.


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