[Groop]Short Report on the Mid-Ohio Con

Jeff Kozicki (ADESA) JKozicki@ADESA.com
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:15:32 -0600

Greets to all Groopers,
Well this year's Mid-Ohio Con is in the books and a great time was had
by all (or at least me, which is all that really counts).

I passed along all the notes that were sent to me for Stan and Sergio,
and they were both stopped what they were doing to read them on the
spot.  They were both very appreciative of the comments, and Sergio drew
a little something on his which he asked me to return to the originators
(you know who you are), which I will do when I have a free moment (which
might be in 2003).

They were both very gracious and signed several items for me (thank
again).  I tried to give Sergio two extra Space Circus cards that I had,
so he could pass them on to some other fan.  But, he said Dark Horse had
sent him a whole box so he signed them and gave them back to me.  If
anyone has a good idea for a game to distribute them to two lucky
Groopers, please let me know, so it isn't just First Asking, First

In the AM, Bob Ingersoll hosted "A Spotlight on Sergio Aragones", which
was a very open, free-form, "Hey what are you doing now?" kind of hour.
Even so, it was extremely interesting because we heard a lot about
Sergio's life in Mexico before coming to the US, his love of engineering
in college (not), his degree in architecture, his early US work, his
thoughts on comics and publishing in general, and an awesome description
of his daily work routine which includes TV that he doesn't have to look
at to enjoy (mainly old movies he knows by heart, and planned breaks to
watch the Simpsons.

There were many other people there, but who cares about them (OK, I was
thrilled to meet Dave Cockrum who is one of the creators of the NEW
(circa 1976) X-Men, and Jeff Smith is pretty cool, and Nate sent me to
see some neat small press guys including DJ Coffman that were lots of
fun to talk to, etc)?

Sorry to say I had to miss the charity auction as I had to drive back to
Indy.  Maybe next year

Cheese dip
Jeff "Wandering should be my middle name" K
"The man who doesn't read has no advantage over the man who can't."
-- Unknown