Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Wed, 29 Nov 2000 21:50:37 -0800

Hi Folks!

Well, once again real life has pulled me away from all that is Groo for a
handful of days.  Glad to see it hasn't been quite so dead on the Groo-list!

Today I am totally stoked!!!  Remember how I told you about the 2001 CBG
Comic Book Checklist & Price Guide that has the cool Sergio Comic Convention
Scene cover?  (with a Groo, of course!)  Well, my copy arrived a couple days
ago, but I really hadn't had a chance to look at it yet, but today I went to
my local shop and they had a CBG calendar with the same art, only bigger!!!
Set aside for me!!Apparently, the CBG sent the calendar out to comic shops.
(It has dates and stuff about when to do this that or the other thing as a
CBG advertiser. It has has Con dates.)

ANYWAY, for the first time I take a real good look at the whole drawing in a
form that doesn't hurt my eyes, and there, just a little below dead center,
is a kid with a Did I Err? t-shirt!!!!!!  Orange and everything!!!!   I
started jumping up and down in the shop!  The owners hadn't noticed it. We
were all laughing and stuff.  It was great!  It couldn't have been better if
Sergio had drawn a caricature of me as far as I'm concerned!!  It was just
too cool.  And if I understand how such things work, I think Sergio would
have had to make a note to the colorist to color the shirt orange, unless of
course Tom did the coloring.

Hey, Hanging Chad Ryden!  Great idea to send us all back to sites that
remind us of the glory days of Groop communications.  Guess it was too much
to sustain indefinetly, but we still have some great fun now and again!

Mentally Numb; I got your message, but haven't had time to get your answers.
But I haven't forgotten!

And attention German Groopies!!!!   PLEASE will someone buy me the new
German Groo TPB and letme know what the cost of it & postage is?  If I try
to order it from the German Amazon.com site, I may lord knows what I might
end up with!   Thank you thank you thank you in advance!

And finally, Jeff "I never met a Convention I didn't like" Kozicki, thanks
SO much for the Mid-Ohio-Con report.  I love Con reports!!!!  For those of
you who don't know, crazy Jeff has gone to San Diego, Chicago, and now
Columbus(?) in the last few months. No wonder he bought 2 Did I Err
t-shirts! Much Cheese Dip and Warm Pork Kudos for Jeff! (or maybe he needs
to get a life.  I know, I know, look who's talking!)

Anywho, all take care and enjoy the holidays as they start to kick into
gear-Gary G.