[Groop]Boy! Is it quiet!

schechner & associates schechnr@flash.net
Wed, 4 Oct 2000 21:34:39 -0600

Hey groopies!

I'm coming out of lurking mode to tell y'all a couple of things.

First: Mark, I am very remiss in taking so long to thank you for sending
the wonderful Space Circus card. It's a terrific addition to my collection.
I really treasure it! I don't know how many comic creators would go out of
their way like you did to provide these to such a rag-tag groop. Thank you
so much!

Second: As many of you are aware, Dallas has been suffering under a heat
wave and drought this summer. We're over 70 days without rain and on Labor
Day, the tempurature hit 113. It's been miserable! (kinda like Tucson on a
normal summer day) As a result, the times I've had to go to my favorite
comic shop have been times I'd rather stay in. Well, the weather has gotten
cooler. It's only in the mid-90's. So I ventured out to my favorite comic
shop (Keith's Comics) to pick up the stuff they had been saving for me in
my box. While I was there, Keith said, "Hey, I've got something I've been
saving to show you!" He came back with a Mighty Magnor #1 that was signed
by Sergio! The special cover thingie hadn't even been opened! So after I
ooohed and ahhhed, I asked him if he was selling it. He said he'd been
saving it for me! So then, the inevitable next question; "How much?" He
pointed to the cover price. So I don't know if that's a great deal or if
that's just what they're going for, but I figured that even with my Grooish
brain, cover price has to be an okay deal. I'm really proud of it and I'm
thrilled that a comic store would take such care to please a single
customer (who really doesn't spend much money on comics.)

So if you guys need to have another source for comics, check out Keith's
web site. He's a really good dealer.


Now it's back to lurking. I, like Nate, have just purchased a house. We
moved the office in on Friday and I move my home in at the end of the
month. With remodelling and trying to get the office set up, it's taking
all of my time.  [Bryan, I'm in Richardson now.]

I'll be reading the posts! Keep up the silliness!

Glorko AKA Chris