[Groop]Chiming In

Lucky Cat luckycat1998@hotmail.com
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 04:45:08 PDT

Hi Groop!

Gary wrote:

>And if for no other reason than to ease the troubled mind of your old 
>bald-headed, gray haired Dessesbo (who might actually be airport janitor 
>Marvin Ribostat)  how about some of you folks chiming in just to let us 
>know you are alive and kicking?  Kevin?  Ruben? (Dognuts, anyone?)  Eric? 
>(Don't make me cuss!)  Glorko?  Sparky UrineToast?  Larry?  Gabe?  Newbies 
>who do not understand one thing I have said?
>Take care all -Gary G.
>Poor Dessesbo!  I'm still lurking...  awaiting my next Groo fix.  I've even 
>shopped E-bay scooping up back issues to tide me over.  (Thank goodness for 
>Space Circus).

I also want to thank Mark for my wonderful autographed card. (Sorry it took 
so long to thank you.  You're awesome!)

This Groop has been GREAT!  Oops!  Did I say "has-been"?  I meant this Groop 
IS REALLY GREAT!  But, I do miss all the chatter lately.  And it's really 
fun to hear about everyone's exploits.   Unfortunately, my exploits have not 
been very exciting since I won the lottery and have been traveling the 
world.  Just the same ol stuff.

Another great bonus I got from the groop was that I discovered Usagi.  
Totally cool stuff.

Well, gotta run!  I have to cash another one of those pesky lottery checks 
and fly to some remote part of the world.  (Ha!)
Into the Fray!

>Lucky Cat
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>   Subject: [Groop]Turkey -your site link
>   Hi,
>   I have included a link to your web-site in my web-site.
>   I'll check your web-site soon...
>   http://www.geocities.com/ismailkartoons
>   http://www.geocities.com/ismailkartoons/links.htm
>   if you need to contact me,you can e-mail me at,
>   ismail.kar@turkport.com
>   Regards..
>   Ismail KAR
>   Turkish Cartoonist&Illustrator ,art techer..
>   Adana-Turkey

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