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Nate Piekos nate@piekosarts.com
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 08:00:41 -0400

> And if for no other reason than to ease the troubled mind of your old
> bald-headed, gray haired Dessesbo (who might actually be airport janitor
> Marvin Ribostat)  how about some of you folks chiming in just to let us know
> you are alive and kicking?  Kevin?  Ruben? (Dognuts, anyone?)  Eric? (Don't
> make me cuss!)  Glorko?  Sparky UrineToast?  Larry?  Gabe?  Newbies who do
> not understand one thing I have said?

~~~ Sparky Urinetoast here.  Chiming in.  Ready for duty.  Buy war bonds.  My
wife grooed last week.  She bought me ths little MAD hardcover book (bright
orange cover w/ concentric circles)  because it said, "All new art by Sergio
Aragones"....  once she gave it to me I noticed the copyright was 1997.
Ah well.  Hey Halloween marks my one year anniversary of blissfull wedded

In other news, I'm submiting my online comic, FLAMSHOD to an optioning company
this week.  FLAMSHOD is the comic based on the robots from my Blambot Fonts
site.  Who knows.... FLAMSHOD the saturday morning cartoon... FLAMSHOD the
animated movie..... FLAMSHOD leather studded boxer shorts.....  sounds good to
me.  You can see the comic here: 

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