[Groop]alive and well and vacationing on Zoltron

Chad Riden chadmriden@yahoo.com
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 14:29:17 -0700 (PDT)

> ME: Actually, I was on Letterman's NBC show for a few seconds.  I was
> a silent performer in a sketch once.  I also wrote a few jokes for Top
> Ten lists shortly after that.

cool! If you remember what the date or show number was I'd probably be
able to pull the tape out and find it.

The alt.fan.letterman FAQ (which is really old and needs updating badly)
has a quote of yours... something to the effect of how you're friends with
both Letterman and Leno staffers and you once heard a Letterman writer say
how he was glad Dave didn't get the Tonight Show 'cause he thought Dave'd
move to LA, fire most of the staff and turn his show into more of a
variety-type than the comedy/talk-show. 

Anyway... GROO!

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