[Groop]Unique question for M.E.

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So was there only one of these published?

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>I'm sure you worked on various Caps Magazines (Catalogs), but what I don't
>know is what were these? I was bidding for one on Ebay, but I stopped at
>because I really wasn't sure what I was bidding for.
>What were/are those?

ME: Well, CAPS is a group of Los Angeles based cartoonists.  The group
was founded by Sergio, myself and a fine writer/artist named Don Rico,
who has since passed away.  And I quit the group in protest to some
policies that were enacted...but basically, it's a social/professional

At some point early in its existence, someone proposed and it was
decided to publish a catalog of the members' work.  Everyone would get
one page to show what they did and then we'd send the catalog to
publishers and art directors and ad agencies and such as a kind of
guide to the great talents in the L.A. area.  I doubt it got anyone a
job but it's an interesting relic of who was a member at the time.  I
have one page in it, Sergio has a page, I think Stan and Tom have
pages, plus a number of other folks.

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