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On Mon, 24 December 2001, "\"Azamin \\\"Cantona\\\" Zainol Abidin\"" wrote:
 I very much agree I also have recently given Groo to someone to try and they were able to enjoy it in just one issue.
> > The reason we aren't doing the book monthly is...well, it has a lot to
> > do with the business and with Sergio having other projects that he
> > wants to do.  If he suddenly decided he wanted to do GROO (or any
> > book) monthly, I'd be all for it.
> What are the other projects Sergio is doing currently?
> >  At the moment, the way the market is structured, the mini-series format
> > works
> > better than the ongoing monthly format.  Stores order more of a
> > mini-series than they do of a monthly book (all other things being
> > equal)
> For me, I don't like comics that is continious from issue to issue... like
> the X-man... I tried to read some X-men comic, but I get lost... in some of
> the pages, it ask the readers to refer to some of its previous issue....
> crossover....then there is some variation of X-man... the X-man,
> wolverine... etc.... One reason I like Groo is that it's story finish in
> just 1 issue... it is simple and easy for the reader to understand it.  I
> once gave my groo "Man of the people" to a friend to read it and he can
> easily understand the character and the story easily.  if it is continious,
> it will at most go up to 4 issues only..... and this is during Groo was a
> monthly comics format.  I think it is not the monthly format, but the story
> in it.  Most people do not want the story which is continious and related
> from issue to issue.... well if they missed one issue, then they will lost
> in the story already.  Groo is not in this type of story....  I think many
> comic reader still do not know Groo especially here in Malaysia/Asia and we
> as groop members should spread the Groo words.....
> Azamin.
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