[Groop]Merry Xmas from me

Mark Evanier me@evanier.com
Mon, 24 Dec 2001 18:11:51 -0800

Thanks to all of you who've sent holiday wishes.  I know I speak for
Sergio, Stan and Tom when I say that among our many blessings are the
loyal GROOpies.  We hope you enjoy the new mini-series, which
commences any day now.  (There's a GROO Christmas poem in the book
even though it goes on sale a few days after December 25.  It's
something I wrote some time ago for a GROO project that was supposed
to come out in December but which was delayed until January.  I
decided that this was as good a time to run it as we'd even find.)

To those of you who'd prefer one-issue stories: So would we.  Matter
of fact, I have a list of GROO story ideas which are worth one issue
and no more.  Someday, we'll get the chance to use them.  Right now,
with the comic book business in so much trouble, the mini-series
format seems to me a small compromise in order to keep operating.

2002 will be the 20th anniversary of GROO and we're currently
discussing a couple of special projects with Dark Horse.  One, which I
guess I can mention here, is a PVC set of six Groo figures (Sage,
Minstrel, Arba, Dakarba, Chakaal and one of Groo with Rufferto).  PVC
figures are those little plastic statues that, for example, DC puts
out of their characters, usually in sets.  I don't know when ours will
be out.  Sergio is still doing drawings for the sculptors showing them
the relative proportions of the characters.  I would assume though
we'll have these before the San Diego Con.  I believe the bookends we
discussed earlier will also finally be coming out.

And no, I have no idea about the Graphitti LIFE OF GROO/DEATH OF GROO
hardcovers.  I heard a few weeks ago that they were about to have me
start signing but have heard nothing since.

That's all for now.  Have a merry!  And visit my website!

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