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Thu, 27 Dec 2001 14:03:29 +0800

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A grooed news.... and look who made it.... it is The sun newspaper who
reprinted Groo some years ago....


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<Font Color=3DBlue>MAIL HIGHLIGHT</font><br>Editor-in-chief quits,=
 three others suspended

Thu, 27 Dec 2001

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Editor-in-chief quits, three others suspended

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H'NG HUNG YONG, executive director cum editor-in-chief of the Su= n Media Corporation Sdn Bhd, resigned yesterday.

Three others have= been suspended with immediate effect by The Sun newspaper which today fr= ont-paged an apology to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad and= his deputy, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, over the paper's front pag= e report two days ago.

The Sun also retracted its Dec 25 report he= adlined, Plot To Kill PM, in which it quoted sources as saying that polic= e had uncovered a plot by several local politicians to assassinate the Pr= ime Minister and his deputy "in a month or two." The report had alleged t= hat the assassination was to be carried out by a hired gun nicknamed "Raj= a Commando." Late last night, The Malay Mail learnt that H'ng announced h= is resignation at an editors' meeting at The Sun's office in Section 51, = Petaling Jaya, yesterday evening.

Sources said its chief news edit= or Robert Ho, Kuala Lumpur-based reporter R. Manirajan and Penang-based p= hotographer Anita Md Nasir were suspended indefinitely with "immediate ef= fect." A source said the decision to suspend the trio was made after a bo= ard of directors meeting yesterday.

H'ng could not be reached for = comment while Ho, reached on his mobile phone last night, said he had no = comment on the matter.

It was learnt that H'ng had, yesterday even= ing, also sent out e-mails to the company's staff to thank them for their= support during his tenure there.

He had also asked that they give= the same support to Frankie Teh, an accountant with Berjaya Corporation,= who will take over his executive director post.

The source said n= o decision has been made on the editor-in-chief post.

H'ng's decis= ion to resign, and the trio's suspension, came just hours after Ho and Th= e Sun's editor, Andy Ng, were asked to explain the Dec 25 report to the H= ome Ministry's publication control division secretary Mohd Abdul Halim Mu= hammad at the Ministry in Putrajaya earlier in the morning.

New St= raits Times quoted Home Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Aseh Che Ma= t as confirming this.

In the absence of H'ng and Ho, Ng would assu= me editorial control.

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