[Groop]Merry Xmas from me

Roland Mueller rsmueller@netzero.net
Fri, 28 Dec 2001 08:31:10 -0500

Thanks for the update on the current Groo ongoings.  What will be the
scale or sicze of the PVC (vinyl) figures?
Happy Holidays,
Roland Mueller

Mark Evanier wrote:

> Thanks to all of you who've sent holiday wishes.  I know I speak for
> Sergio, Stan and Tom when I say that among our many blessings are the
> loyal GROOpies.  We hope you enjoy the new mini-series, which
> commences any day now.  (There's a GROO Christmas poem in the book
> even though it goes on sale a few days after December 25.  It's
> something I wrote some time ago for a GROO project that was supposed
> to come out in December but which was delayed until January.  I
> decided that this was as good a time to run it as we'd even find.)
> To those of you who'd prefer one-issue stories: So would we.  Matter
> of fact, I have a list of GROO story ideas which are worth one issue
> and no more.  Someday, we'll get the chance to use them.  Right now,
> with the comic book business in so much trouble, the mini-series
> format seems to me a small compromise in order to keep operating.
> 2002 will be the 20th anniversary of GROO and we're currently
> discussing a couple of special projects with Dark Horse.  One, which I
> guess I can mention here, is a PVC set of six Groo figures (Sage,
> Minstrel, Arba, Dakarba, Chakaal and one of Groo with Rufferto).  PVC
> figures are those little plastic statues that, for example, DC puts
> out of their characters, usually in sets.  I don't know when ours will
> be out.  Sergio is still doing drawings for the sculptors showing them
> the relative proportions of the characters.  I would assume though
> we'll have these before the San Diego Con.  I believe the bookends we
> discussed earlier will also finally be coming out.
> And no, I have no idea about the Graphitti LIFE OF GROO/DEATH OF GROO
> hardcovers.  I heard a few weeks ago that they were about to have me
> start signing but have heard nothing since.
> That's all for now.  Have a merry!  And visit my website!
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