Sam sama@peoplepc.com
28 Dec 2001 09:23:17 -0800

So its X-mas day and Im sitting at work standing bye waiting for Osama Bin Landen to invade Oregon so I can report on it. Since the Binster was otherwise occupied I had some time on my hands and was surfing Marks site. M.E. had just updated the Comics section and had included "Destroys DC". "Oh!" I thought,"A comic I previously was unaware of and must have. I wonder where Ill be able to find it". The very next day I recieved a copy of "Destroys DC" in the mail courtsy of Kevin Hall. I had forgot i sent him my adress when he had offered "some groo thing for free" to the groop in general a while back. Anyway - THANK YOU KEVIN and my best Christmas wishes to everyone in the groop. Gary did you find someone to switch turns in the round robin? If not Im willing. SAM    

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