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Shane Clarke sac@foolarchy.com
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Here's my opinion... and it's not to rain on your parades. I've thought
about all of this before, but buried the ideas because of talks with Sergio.
And I'm incrediably sure that M.E. will correct me if I'm wrong.

First off, no picture embeded into the html code is 'copy-proof', yes, you
can make it incrediable difficult to snag, but not impossible. (I'm
essentially referring to .jpgs, .gifs, bitmaps., etc.)

Here's the most important part: From past talks with Sergio, I don't
*believe* he's too hip to the internet thing really. He *may* like it for an
advertisement medium and for learning, but I don't believe he'd like his
works transposed into electronic 1's & 0's. Let me explain better. (And
again, this is if I remember the conversation I had with him. M.E., please
put my foot in my mouth if I'm wrong.) Sergio believes in the "magic" of pen
and paper. It's kind of hard to explain, but I understand him perfectly. As
our society becomes more and more electronically advanced, older and more
archiac traditions will slowly vanish. It would be equivilant to Master and
Apprentice relations from the late 1800's and early 1900's. I'm rambling.
It's hard for me to explain, but I know what he means.

You'd probably have a better shot at getting a video of his studio and
putting that into some sort of viewable internet media... but do not expect
a 24 hour live cam!!!!! (though that would be cool!)

Again, not raining on anyone's parade, just trying to enlighten you to a
differnt angle other than the copyright angle. It's not always about
copyright (though that serves a large portion)


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--- Josh 'Evening O' Jones <josh@newdream.net> wrote:
> But what would be really cool is an online archive of all the old groos.

that's a great idea.

another thing i thought of was an IPIX virtual tour of Sergio's studio.
Those aren't too expensive and they take about 5 minutes to set up on a
website.. I've done several of them. I imagine thousands of people would
be interested in seeing that!

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