[Groop]ooooooh goody... Yes pleeeease.

Kevin Hall kevin.hall@umassmed.edu
Fri, 01 Jun 2001 07:08:23 -0400

Chris Schechner wrote:
> Hmmmmm... I must be missing some posts.
> (Of course, Sparky Urinetoast is the love child of me and Dessesbo!)
> Glorko
> Exiled king of Zoltron
> PS And where the h*ll (asterisks for Eric's sake) is that court jester?!?

Soccer (2 days a week)...coaching softball (3 days a week)...dance class
(1 day a week)...Brownies (1 day a week)...newborn (8 days a week).

The jester's learning how to keep more things in the air than ever
before. Nasty thing about juggling is that if you miss even one, they
all tend to land on your head! :)


PS I've joined the ranks of Nate & company as published. :) Please watch
for Daredevil #20 in July. It's actually the 400th issue (Marvel counts
about as well as Groo). I plotted & brought together a pretty great team
(Stan Lee, Gene Colan, Tom Palmer) for a little 6 page backup story to
celebrate the character's 400th issue. The story is pretty standard
fare, but I'm tickled to have been able to do it & wanted to share it
with the Groopers, Groopies and Midnight Tokers (don't worry, Eric,
there's only a few on the list, and they didn't inhale). :)