Jared Brooks jabrooks@hotmail.com
Mon, 04 Jun 2001 15:19:52 -0400

I am sure these questions have been asked a million times, but since ive 
never heard the answer, ill ask again.

Has there ever been planning towards, or is there a chance that a groo 
action figure would be officially produced?

And even more to the point, has Sergio and ME ever considered creating a PVC 
set like the Hellboy set coming out or like ones DC seems to release every 
month?  Seven or Eight small figures based on Groo and his friends/enemies 
(different from the old dark horse diecast figures)?

Just curious,
ps did the Life/Death of Groo Hardcover come out...and if so, are there any 
extras in it that would make it worthwhile to someone who already owns the 

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