[Groop]the Great Magnet Experiment....(duck folks)

Joseph design@blt.se
Wed, 06 Jun 2001 08:38:29 +0200

Hi folks.

I´ve gone and stuck all my newly arrived (THANKS GARY) magnets to the side
of my computer.

Now, being a Windoze powered PC, my hope is that the "Groo" of the magnets
will oppose and cancel out the "Bill" of Windows 98. Thereby ensuring that
my computer remains stable and never, ever crashes again.

On the other hand, if the "two wrongs don´t make a right" theory kicks
in....well my guess is that we will all be human flavored cheese dip before
we know it....


ps- Yaaaaaaay for Kenny Bräck! He just won his second CART race in a row....
and he´s from the land of tiny meatballs as well! huzzah!