[Groop]groo comic books for sale

Finn Smith mulch3@hotmail.com
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 16:45:54


That latest exchange about selling Groo comics reminds me of a true story.
I was at a comic convention one time, quite a while back, and while 
browsing, found a Mavel Age comic with Groo on the cover.  I found it in a 
box labeled "$1.00" but when I handed the guy at the booth a dollar, he told 
me I owed him .50 cents.  "But I got it out of the dollar box", I said.  The 
man thought hard for a minute and then said I could either pay him the .50 
or there would be no sale.
I bought the comic for fifty cents and I think I met everyone's favorite 
mendicant in the process . . .


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