Roland Mueller rsmueller@netzero.net
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 06:06:30 -0500

Glad to hear all is relatively well.  I know Seattle has been waiting for this
earthquake for a long time.  Hopefully you won't be seeing another quake for a
long time.  It sounds like people were prepared for this one although it still
surprised them when it actually came.

Gary Grossmann wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> Well, we had a little earthquake here today.  To some of you, such things
> are old hat, but this was the first one for me that was more than a bump.
> In true Groo fashion I was too stupid to be scared.  I even forgot to dive
> under my desk, although I did finally get under a door jam.  Fortunately,
> not only was no one in the area killed, but only a few people were seriously
> hurt AND my local comic book shop, which is in the part of town that has the
> oldest buildings where the most damage was sustained, was not damaged at
> all.  Take care all -Gary G.
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