[Groop]Question for Mark

Mark Evanier me@evanier.com
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 18:48:34 -0800

On Thu, 01 Mar 2001 18:18:01 -0800, "Lucky Cat"
<luckycat1998@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Are you and Sergio going to be at the WonderCon all three days?  I might 
>need to request some time-off from work if you are only going to be there on 
>Friday. I would love to meet the genius's behind Groo, Mighty Magnor, Space 
>Circus, etc.

ME: I haven't set my schedule yet but I will probably be there all day
Friday and Saturday, and then a half-day on Sunday.  That could
change.  Sergio hasn't set his schedule either but, at present, he'll
probably be there when I'm there.

I'm told we will be doing a panel at some point but that isn't
scheduled yet, either.

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