[Groop]Many funny sites that don't exist

D. Bron DBron@flashmail.com
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 22:15:04 -0500

>the most entertaining 404 message

While we're on the subject, why don't you check out 
http://www.plinko.net/404/area404.asp ?


PS:  For those of you too lazy to click your mouse, it's a (pretty 
comprehensive) listing of funny 404s.

PPS:  Don't forget to check out the site's own 404, which you can get by 
typing a fake location at the domain (eg 

PPPS:  Jason: you might want to submit your find to this site.

PPPPS:  I dunno, I just didn't feel like hitting the "Send" button yet.

Since in any endeavor the greatest likelihood is failure, it follows that 
if you set out to fail you will invariably succeed.