[Groop]Many funny sites that don't exist

Jason Wade wacko42@rocketmail.com
Fri, 2 Mar 2001 05:24:47 -0800 (PST)

--- "D. Bron" <DBron@flashmail.com> wrote:
> >WHAT THE HECK IS A 404? (besides a pair of 202's)
> >
> >(I expect SOMEONE to send me the right answer amidst
> >the joke replies to come...)
> A 404 is the error returned when a webpage can't be found.  Have you
> ever 
> clicked a link or typed in a URL and gotten the message "404 - Page
> not 
> found"?  That's a 404.

Though not quite funny, 404 also happens to be the primary area code in
the Atlanta area. (Maybe funny in an ironic sort of way if you lived
here when they started adding extra area codes which I don't know that
anyone else on the list did.)

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