[Groop]to whom might concern!!!

Ruben Arellano ruben@oanet.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 21:38:30 -0800

Ariel Weintraub wrote:

>   I read Groo in Brazil since little and is the best comic ever came 
> across, but now I live in miami and i was wondering if there is any 
> way to subscribe and recieve Groo in my house.  You guys crack me, I 
> be waiting for an answer whenever yuo guys have time.                  
>                                                  Thanks Ariel 
> Weintraub       
You can try www.milehighcomics.com 

They have a subscription service, but I think you have to order a 
minimum of 5 titles per month or something.  You could always just order 
back issues from them.  The're a good company.