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Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Wed, 28 Mar 2001 20:18:28 -0800

Hi Folks!

OK, lets see.  Here I am with my Comics Buyer's Guide 2001 Checklist and
Price Guide, the one with the Sergio Comic Con scene on the front that
includes a guy wearing a "Did I Err?" T-Shirt, and going to the H section,
page 287, in between "Halo an Angel's Story" and "Hammerlocke", I
find.....Nothing!    Hmmm.  OK, I'll go to J.  Oops!  Nothing there either.

Sorry, Mark.  But I'd snap that puppy up if I were you because it obviously
doesn't exist and that makes it pretty darn valuable!  Good luck and take
care -Gary G.

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Could someone with a comic book price guide, please let me know the market
price for HALO JONES - BOOK 3 by Alan Moore & Ian Gibson.   In either $'s or

I've been after it for ages and one has come up on 'e-bay' UK (for a change)
and although its slightly damaged I wouldn't know what a realistic price
would be in the first place.

Mark (purveyor of distinctly trifling jokes)

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