Azamin Zainol Abidin azamin7@pd.jaring.my
Fri, 09 Nov 2001 15:21:52 +0800

Well, for those who don't  koow what is winamp is... winamp is a
software ( a freeware, if i'm not wrong) used to play MP3 songs in your
computer.... the skins means... the software will have some picture on
it, and in this case it has a picture of Groo.....

My suggestion is.... Martin, You can send the skin to mark and ask him
if you can give it to the Groop members only.  If he agreed... maybe he
can put the skin (maybe with a better touch from Sergio on the skin) on
his website for download with a mention of the skin history...
example... "was first created by Martin.... as he is a Groo fan for his
own usage and was perfected by Sergio himself".  The skin can be used
for Groo release promotional..... well Martin, Sergio and Mark can work
together on this....

>Hi Folks!

>Martin Wrote:

> some months ago I have created two Groo-Winamp-Skins for private use
> just for fun.

+OK, I give up.  What the heck is a Winamp-Skins?  Sounds like something
you use to make sausage.

> Last week a friend of mine told me to publish them.

+Don't listen to your friend.  The words "publish" and "Groo" only go
>together with the words "Aragones" and "Evanier."

> Here's my question: Is there any interest of getting those skins?
> are not perfect. And I don't have any time to correct those little
> errors. I could send them via email to this mailing list.
> Any objections?

+Sounds cool to me.  I'd like to see them (whatever they are!?!?).

+Take care -Gary "I don't have time to learn anything useful, I'm too
+searching for Groo" Grossmann