FW: [Groop]Strangest Groo website....

Mark Brown mark@6thebrownhouse.freeserve.co.uk
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 21:58:49 -0000

It may be my imagination but the item on the ground in front of the third
chap on the left looks strangely like a certain item of clothing as worn by
our hero.

Now I have to admit, this could be a rather tenuous link...


My wife, to whom 'Groo' remains a rather bemusing mystery - she still shakes
her head every time she walks past my framed signed copy of Groo #1 with its
associated sketch - was standing over my shoulder as I typed this and the
bemused look - for some unknown reason - appears to have turned to one of

It all went wrong on the day she wanted to understand (and presumably share
in) my excitement that THE copy of "Destroyer Duck" finally dropped through
the letterbox and I made the mistake of asking her to wash her hands before
reading it....


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Check this secret website out.  Win a prize if you can guess what the
heck it is for.


Oddly enough, it has changed since the last time I saw it a long time

Cleanin' out the old bookmark garage,


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