[Groop]Re: Virus

A Sick Puppy info@asickpuppy.com
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 17:13:24 +0100

> It sounds like what we have here is the W32/Badtrans@MM worm.

That's the one! I received about 10 mails with that there Virus Worm Thingie
(That might be a cool character some day, Mark! A big worm with a running
nose! ;^) When the mail opened (not the attachement) dear mister Norton
(virus scanner)went nuts! The worm might be going around with different
names but it ALLWAYS has PIF on the end of the file name, like
'me_nude_skinny_cheese_dipping.mp3.PIF' ! That goes for a lot of virusses
and worms!
All the e-mails I got had only 'RE:' in the subject so that's something to
look for too! The best way not to get infected is just don't open any
attachment even if it is from someone you know (unless you asked them to
send you somethin')

That's my two cents worth,
Spike (lurkin' member ;^)