[Groop]Re: A Spanish Grooper in NY

Daniel =?iso-8859-1?Q?Cort=E9s?= danicortes@bsab.com
Sun, 07 Oct 2001 16:42:58 +0200

Hi Larry and Groop:
I'm glad to hear everything is back to normal in Manhattan. Tomorrow I'm
flying and I'll be sure to carry a Rufferto image with me.
Anyway I don't have a contact telephone with me but I'll be checking my
email while I'm in the city.
I don't think I'll be free on the weekend, so I'd... steak ...to the
meeting for dinner plan. Should I bring my Groo card game? I'd be great
to play a game there. A visit to one of the major comicbook shops is
also a must. Now I'll be able to buy Mightier than the Sword and Space
Circus! (Of course I could order all this online, but then I'd have
missed the thrill of anticipation).
See you soon,
TSDG (that Spanish Daniel guy)

Larry Steller wrote:
> Hi Daniel!!!
> I look forward to meeting you!
> I'll send this out to the rest of the Groop, so that
> the other New York Metropolitan area Groopers, both
> vocal and lurking, can decide if they want to get
> together with us as well.
> When do you want to meet? If we get together on the
> weekend of October 13 & 14, we can spend more quality
> time together, but I'm okay meeting for dinner after
> work during the week.
> I'm sure most of you will find this hard to believe,
> but New York City is getting pretty close to being
> normal (for NY) in the areas that aren't too close to
> Ground Zero.
> So, who out there wants to hang with me and Daniel
> Cortes in the Big Apple?
> -Larry Stellerm