[Groop]Groo News From ME

Mark Evanier me@evanier.com
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 17:03:56 -0800

Hello, gang.  Long time, no news, right?  Well, here goes...

GROO: DEATH AND TAXES #1 comes out the day after Christmas.  It's the
first issue of a 4-issue mini-series, written by ME, drawn by him.
There is no letter page in this issue.  Instead, we have a special
Groo Christmas Poem.

There will, however, be a letter page in #2 and I could use letters
for it.  I need them in the next week or so.

DEATH AND TAXES will be followed by another non-Groo mini-series.  We
will be bringing you the return of one of Sergio's older characters,
T.C. MARS!  This is a female detective that Sergio did for a few
comics in the seventies.  The new mini-series will reprint some of the
old material and finish off dangling storylines with new material.

I am informed that Graphitti Designs will have the signature plates
for the LIFE/DEATH OF GROO ready for Sergio and me to sign in about
three weeks.  We're signing a thousand.

I hope you're all visiting my website.  That is all.

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