[Groop]Groo Awareness. It's not as bad as it sounds.

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Hmmm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ****** Stardate 08092001 (yep I'm not
American) Lurking Grooper lets slip on Groop channel that Kingpin of
Animating artforms digs Groo . . . . Quote "Expressive and Beautiful" . . .
. nothing new to the Groopers . . . . . . . but wait . . . . . . Superlative
Animator + Sergio Aragones Groo the Wanderer + Dessesbo Groopers = Animated
Groo Movie Hopefulness + Salivation. ******

At least in my relatively unimformed way in order for an animated Groo movie
we would need a collaboration of Artists (Animators, musical, directors,
producers, allsorts etc) who appreciate Groo for the same reasons that
Sergio and Mark enjoy working on it. A superb promoter/accountant who wants
to market said pipedream in my mind would be detrimental to a Groo movie as
they would not put Aragones creation as it should be they would attempt to
package it to suit themselves.

Raul - keep feeding this guy Groo, you never know, he may then one day meet
ME and Sergio and . . . . . . dream sequence ends.

Darn where was I ? ? ? ?

## - ME - Just wishful thinking - don't take this as anything else, It's not
a suggestion or anything.    :o)   ##


Greg "Grooless of Arabia" Craill

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Greetings fellow Groo addictionados.  I just wanted to chime in and let you
all know that I too, have been creating Groo awareness in my neck of the

     I'm an animator at Disney and I have been sharing a few of my books
with some of my colleagues at the studio.  Most notably Glen Keane.  For
those of you that don't know, Glen is the Sergio Aragones of animation.  He
came into my office the other day and saw a sketch I had done of Groo and
Rufferto pinned to my wall and asked me who they were.  I just happened to
have a few Epic Groos and The Life of Groo lying around so I let him borrow
them.  The next day he came into my room and couldn't stop talking about how
much he enjoyed reading them.  He went on and on about how "expressive and
beautiful" Sergio's work was and how the stories were so "funny and
imaginative."  I do believe I have successfully converted yet another
innocent person into a Groopie!

     I know this message is a little long, but I thought that maybe you
folks out there might dig this.  By the way, does anyone have a complete
list of all the little Mad paperbacks that Sergio has done?  This would
really help me out in collecting them.

Raul Aguirre