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Ruben A 2ruben@home.com
Mon, 10 Sep 2001 22:28:48 -0700

Yes, the Sergiography has such information.  Below is an exerpt from 
this acclaimed database:

Reprinted Aragones illustrations have appeared in over 50 paperbacks 
(Signet, Warner) that reprint material from the regular issues of of 
MAD. The following two subsections list additional paperbacks by Aragones.
m Viva MAD  (1968, Signet)

MAD about MAD  (1970, Signet)

MADly Yours  (1972, Warner)

In MAD We Trust  (1974, Warner)

MAD as the Devil  (1975, Warner)

Incurably MAD  (1977, Warner)

Shootin' MAD  (1979, Warner)

MAD as a Hatter  (1981, Warner)

MAD Menagerie  (1983, Warner)

MAD Pantomimes  (1987, Warner)
"Fair Exchange" story reprinted in The Best Comics of theDecade v2 
(1990, Fantagraphics Books)
More MAD Pantomimes  (1988, Warner)

MAD as Usual  (1990, Warner)

Totally MAD  (1991, Warner)

Next MAD Book  (1992, Warner)

MAD paperbacks exclusively by Aragones with redrawn reprint material:
MAD Marginals oversized Paperback  (1974, Warner)
Reprinted in 1980 by Warner in regular paperback size.
More MAD Marginals  (Apr 1985, Warner)

Unfortunately, an up-to-date edition of the Sergiography is not on the 
web right now.  It's on my big to-do list, which I prioritize by demand. 
So until the masses start knocking on my inbox, the best way to get the 
latest info is to e-mail me.


Raul Aguirre Jr. wrote:

> Does anyone out there know how many of those little Mad paperbacks 
> Sergio has done.  I'd love a list of the titles so that I can expand 
> my current collection.  Mr. Grossmann, I'm looking in your direction.  
> Thanks!
> Raul