[Groop]Thoughts from afar . . .

The Craills at FAL thecraills@falcompound.com.sa
Wed, 12 Sep 2001 22:48:51 +0300


I would also like to add my thoughts to all of those people who have become
a victim of this tragedy, My deepest wish is that none of the truly
wonderful people I have met in the States have suffered from this.

I had just started emailing Larry to arrange a quickie holiday in New York
to see the sights and catch up with him again only hours before this tragedy
started to unfold.

Larry - you out there buddy ? - send me an email so I know that you are ok,
and I sincerely hope that none of your friends and family have been hurt by

Best wishes and regards to all in the states,

Greg "Grooless of Arabia" Craill.